ECS 100- Stories from the Field Blog

First day: Today felt like the first step in becoming a TEACHER! I was nervous and excited. My dreams are starting to come true.

Second day: “As a teacher you need to be able to teach many different styles to make sure you are able to connect with each student so they are given the tools to be successful. Teachers build a sense of community in their classroom by engaging with the students and parents. Once the children and the teacher build a relationship the sense of belonging is formed and that is when the classroom feels like a community.”

The classroom I was able to spend my Wednesday afternoons in.

Third day: “I can say that this is the first week that I actually really enjoyed my time at the school. I had a new mindset today and it made my afternoon a lot better!”

Fourth day: “This past week a student was able to share the beading her and her mom have made together, to her class. It was amazing work! The teacher did an art class that incorporated “beading- but with paint. little dots done with a tooth pick, to make a photo that had to be natural ex. animal, plants. weather.” It was very inclusive to see, the teacher using her students cultural background and incorporate it within her teachings.”

Fifth day: “I think it is great to see initiatives happening in schools. I wish that when I was growing up their was a safe group that all students could go to and feel included and welcomed. This is definitely a subject that I am the least knowledgeable about. I think learning from groups like GSA will help me gain a better understanding of the feelings my students might be going through.”  

Sixth/Seventh day: Unfortunately, these days could not happen. I am grateful for the experience and learning I had. It was such a breathe of fresh air walking into the school, although I found some days difficult to navigate through, I truly enjoyed the bonds I did build with the students and the classroom teacher. My only regret is not being able to have a proper good-bye!