I have never heard of the three different kinds of citizenship before doing this week assigned tasks, I thought it was very interesting to look back and group my teachers based on the three different characteristics. Going through elementary school the most prominent type of citizen was “ the Personally Responsible Citizen”  this type of citizen shows characteristics of integrity and does a lot for their community. For example, donating blood, or giving food to food Drives. I believe that this would be common in elementary teachers because they are also big on doing the right thing following the rules, teaching manners and as a elementary teacher, teaching students Basic rules and responsibilities is a big part of your job. I had more “Participatory Citizenship” based teachers who follow along the lines of more of an initiator or a organizer as I got into high school. There was more responsibility to be had and more opportunities to break out into the community and do things such as organize bake sales or bottle drives. For me it was mostly involving sports but there are many different teachers who encouraged this type of behaviour all throughout the school. I can only think of one teacher who fit the “ Justice Oriented Citizen” she was my grade 12 history teacher. This type of citizen is a big supporter of economic, social and political forces. It makes sense as to why this is the only teacher, I can had who fits this roll because a subject like history is one of few that involves such topics in the curriculum. I find it interesting that even thought I had three different history teachers throughout school that only one of them taught so that she fit the roll and was able to bring up such topics in such a big way that got her students involved and thinking. Out of all three her class was the most enjoyable and where I learnt the most. In the classroom many touchy or difficult subjects get pushed aside, ignored or barley talked about and because of this is an example of why the justice orientated citizen is not seen very often in the classroom. This does not mean that these types of people do not become educators, but I think that the education system and the curriculum makes it hard to follow the lines on certain issues that should be talked about but are not. It is why the curriculum needs to keep evolving with society so that we can teach our student to the best of our abilities for their sake and so that they can go into the world with their own views and oppinions and not be afraid to show them!

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  1. I like the connection to the history teacher as Justice oriented. I assume a Social Studies teacher would be in the same boat.

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