Blog Post #9: Biases and Upbringing

Blog Post #9: Biases and Upbringing

When I think back on my education both my elementary experience and high school experience were similar in the fact that I was exposed to many different cultures, I always had many students in my classes who game from other cultures such as First Nation, Pilipino, Asian and so on. I did attend catholic school which played a big part in my life. I do not practice religion as often now that I am out of school, but I still consider myself religious and that does effect some of my values and beliefs. I consider going to a catholic school a good thing, it taught me a lot. Most of the time my religion teachers did not bring biases into the classroom. Once I was in high school, I was educated on all types of religions which has helped me gain perspective on other cultures as well as have an interest in them as well. Religion can get repetitive and once I was in grades 11 and 12 and had a better understanding of what the catholic faith believed in and how it plays into today’s world. Our classroom conversations talked about real issues that are relevant in today’s society such as same sex relationships or sexism. My teachers encouraged the tricky conversations and explained to us that it is okay to believe what we wanted. I think this is was very good because it is easy for a teacher to walk into a classroom and just start talking to students and telling them what then should know or believe instead of letting them critically think about the criteria they are learning about. Of course, not all of my classes were like this, but I have learned from my family that not everyone is going to have the same opinion and that its okay. When I was younger, I used to always listen and agree with what my dad said was right. Now that I am older, I realize he comes from a different generation and I now have worked to break that habit and have my own opinions. When my family comes together, we have discussions about my future and carrier or politics going on in the world. I love listening to my grandpa and his perspective because even though I do not always agree with all of the same things he does; he has so much knowledge and life experience that it always seems to make so much sense. It is hard to break that bias but at the same time our world is always changing, and a lot of his opinions are coming from his experiences 30 years ago. I hope that as I go into my carrier I can be open to all topics and conversations and not bring a bias into the classroom.

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  1. Hey Shay!! I really enjoyed reading this blog post. Personally, as I was reading this I was able to relate to most of your experiences. I agree with your comment about how some bias can be based on individuals that are from different generations. I have personally had experience with my own family.

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