Our Outdoor Firepit

This week was one of our last couple of nice nights so we took advantage of them and had a couple of fires. This made me realize the details hidden around the side that was cut out by my Dad. When standing close to it and looking down you notice a grate that sits, hovering overtop of the pit. Little diamonds or rhombus like shapes are lined up one after the other forming the circle. You can see burnt pieces of wood with white ashes appearing from inside as well as the cutouts on the opposite side letting light peak through as well. On the side closest to you sits a rectangle shape that is cut out and inside the cut out sits our last name “Romanow” in handwriting that is attached to the bottom of the rectangle. To the right is another cutout that you can see briefly as it starts to curve around the side.

As you move to the right the cutout becomes more clear. Once what was on the right now appears on the left and reads, “EST. 2002” in big block letters. To the right of that reads the letters C, N, C, C, and T leaving the T to start curving to the right of it again. All of the writing and letters is about 6-7 inches tall and 5 inches wide. These uneven letters and numbers have uneven edges and have different looks but give the bubble lettering effect. The grate on top slant to the left, leaving a big gap on the right side with a piece of burnt wood sticking out.

As you move to the right a couple more steps you are able to view the last cut out in the fireplace which is a golfer swinging his club standing in the middle of an egg or oval shaped cutout. To the right of that is a seam where the fire pit was connected, creating a diagonal line starting at the top and going to the bottom. At the top left appears the same stick sticking out of the gap in the grate and appears in the back of the golfer cutout. The overall colour of the firepit is a burnt brown or red rust colour with brighter orange or yellow tints popping through. The texture of it looks spotty and graining it making it look as if it would have a rough texture to it if one were to touch with sharp jagged edges around the cutouts and tops.

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