Learning to Code

June 16, 2024 0 By Stella Mulatz

This week we explored code. I used Scratch as I had heard a little bit about it before and seen it used in a classroom I thought it would be a good tool to know how to use so I can incorporate it into my student’s work. To start I just watched the original tutorial which was super helpful! Here is the QR Code for what I made while using the tutorial.


I also took some screenshots while I was completing the tutorial. I thought that it was cool that you could see exactly what you were supposed to do on the screen while also working on your own sprite and scratch project. This was helpful because it allowed me to multi-task and do exactly what the tutorial said instead of having to go back, find the right button, and rewatch the video. It was easy to follow and easy to understand.







After playing around with the tutorial I went on to try another tutorial this time a more in-depth tutorial. Through this tutorial, I ended up making a story. This was a little tricky. I watched the beginning of the tutorial and then as I tend to do, I figured I knew what I was doing I turned the tutorial off and then got a bit frustrated when I couldn’t figure out how to do the things I wanted to do. So I had to go back to the tutorial and watch the rest to figure out what to do. Here is the little story I created. I found it works best on the Scratch website so click the link below to view the story!

My Scratch Story

I think that coding is a super fun tool. I think there are many benefits to it, such as it allows students to be more creative, and engages students in critical thinking and problem-solving. In this technology-filled world, it lets students do tasks online and learn how to use technology in a new way. I think it is something that lots of students explore on their own time and enjoy; therefore, it can be super engaging in the classroom.  However, I don’t think it is a required skill. I think it has benefits and can be a fun activity, but it is not a crucial skill I believe students must know how to do.