A Little Bit About Me

Who is Kaelynn?

Hello, my name is Kaelynn and welcome to my blog.

Picture of Kaelynn LePoudreI am in my third year of classes at the University of Regina. I am currently working towards my Bachelor’s Degree of Elementary Education. Presently, I work at a daycare. I have my ECE Level I certification, and I am looking forward to obtaining my Level II soon.

I am the oldest of three, and have a cat who loves to cuddle with me while I study and lesson plan. Some of my passions include photography, hiking, gardening, painting, and writing.

Why ‘Stirring in the cinnamon?’

Well, a little known fact about me is that I like to sprinkle cinnamon into my coffee, especially throughout the fall and winter months. However, this phrase has more meaning than simply being one of my favourite hot drink toppings.

Let’s define the phrase. Stirring is a verb that means to mix thoroughly as well as an adjective that means to provoke strong emotion; cinnamon is a noun for a spice.

Stirring in the cinnamon is throwing my passion into everything I do. The cinnamon switches the coffee from usual coffee, to something new and exciting. I asked myself “what is it I can do to help students be successful but have fun and enjoy what they’re learning?” This is where spicing things up comes in. In the classroom, I wish to create a welcoming environment that invites children to be themselves, learning in various ways for them to gain the most knowledge possible. Teaching is not a “cookie-cutter” profession, and sometimes as the teacher, one has to spice things up a little to create an environment that not only promotes learning, but invites it to be enjoyable for all as well.