Terrarium Closing

I would like to begin by saying thank you to anyone who  followed along with my learning project.

Starting this project, I was reminded of the self-directed studies I was tasked with for various classes. I was also reminded of a similar project I had completed in EAE201. This made it somewhat difficult for me to choose a topic as I wanted to choose something I hadn’t already done while still exploring my passion of nature. Choosing to explore closed-ecosystem terrariums allowed me to do exactly that. I was able to learn more about the species within the jar, including ones we aren’t always aware of on a day to day basis. I also learned more about the processes present within an ecosystem. Even better was that I was able to learn and build on prior knowledge from the comfort of my home. I found learning online to be relatively easy as it is something I have been doing since high school; however, I enjoyed how this course encouraged us to explore our topic using as many different sources as possible. Exploring various sources such as Youtube, Twitter, TikTok allowed me to learn way more about the terrariums I was trying to create.

Throughout this project I have taken the time to learn from various sources as well as how to use different programs to share my learning with you all. I feel that what I have learned from this class has already been and will continue to be very valuable later on for me in life.

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