Where’s The Evidence?

One thing that I enjoyed about this class was the amount of social interaction we were able to engage in via an online class. This post will summarize how I have contributed to the learning of others via the ways I have engaged online up until this post.

One of the main applications I used throughout this semester was Canva. This program allowed me to create a variety of aesthetically pleasing informational posters. I ended up using Canva to create a lesson plan for a different class I am enrolled in this semester.

Terrarium Updates

9 Common Species of Moss

wah-wicihtowin Between Beings in Little Bird’s Day

At the time of writing this, I have posted 26 comments  on both my own and my peers blog posts. I enjoy the comment feature on blogs as it allows you to engage with your audience and work together to broaden both individuals understanding or knowledge. Even supportive blog posts are important as they can help motivate people to keep posting.

Overall, I feel that I have been fairly successful with my blogs as I had a rather skeleton blog before starting this class. As of present I have 20 blog posts and various pages related to my ePortfolio. My blog will continue to serve as an important resource for me in the future now that I have a better understanding of how to use  it.

Next I would like to show my participation in our online discussion via Discord. Discord was not a program that I was familiar with, but I appreciated how it gave us a place to ask and answer questions.


I found Twitter to be the primary program I used to engage with this class. Surprisingly, only seven of my Twitter posts were dated before the start of class. This shows how little I posted on this program even while having had an account for around eight years. I have included a short screencast to document my contributions on Twitter during this semester.

If you’ve made it this far, I would like to take the time to acknowledge a couple peers who contributed to my own learning this semester. I will be referring to these individuals using initials as to respect their privacy but still acknowledge them within this post.

At the start of the semester, J.S. helped me brainstorm ideas for my learning project. D.G. introduced me to Canva via a Twitter post. Their Twitter feed is very resourceful and shows hands-on in class learning which I appreciate as a pre-service teacher. E.R. is a friend of mine and we consistently talked about this class throughout the semester. We had a FaceTime study session where we both spent the call working on our blog posts. J.H. encouraged me to be an active participant in class. They also showed me the benefit of inviting and engaging the audience with a question. S.B. consistently interacted with my online posts making me feel seen and heard. M.Z. inspired me to be more creative with my projects than I am as well as the importance of engaging the audience. I am certain I have missed individuals as each and everyone of my peers from EDTC300 have aided in my learning journey throughout this course. So to those of you I have not specifically mentioned above, know that you have also contributed to my learning in some way whether via your Twitter or blog posts, discord discussions, or our breakout room discussions. Thank you all for a wonderful semester.


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