Terrarium Talk Time

The charcoal terrarium is still doing well. I have yet to see Mr. Grub and Sneak since they’re first appearance; however based on the diversity of life flourishing within the jar, I believe that they are still doing just as well as the other species in the terrarium. In the second image, you can see that Mr. Grub has completely burrowed through the driftwood accent I included within the terrarium. I am happy to see that he has taken advantage of the wood in there.





The tiny terrariums have reached a point where some plants have started to break down and decompose. Personally I do not feel they are getting as much sunlight as they had been during the summer thus affecting their ability to maintain plant health as well as the cellular respiratory previously discussed in the post Pondering Plants & Processes. However, there are new plants still sprouting and flourishing which shows that the terrarium is sustainable still.










The aquatic terrarium has also took a turn but I am less sure of what is happening within this jar. You may recall from my Twitter feed that I had posted a video of little worms ‘dancing’ in the jar. Well, they are still dancing, which I am happy to see. Furthermore, theres some other insects within the water that move around pretty quickly. They are much smaller and less obvious than the worms, but they are still there.

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