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Greetings to all! We are thrilled to announce the completion of our final course module. Collaboratively, my colleague Jashandeep and I, Humaira, designed our course profile, and we relished the experience. Our teamwork was highly productive as we supported each other throughout the process, putting in significant effort to curate our blog entries. We sincerely hope that our readers enjoyed engaging with our content and sharing their thoughts with us.

Regarding the final course prototype, our videos were produced with a unique approach, tailored to the distinctive qualities of our course modules and classrooms. Although we selected the same subject for our course, the topics we covered were disparate, showcasing a diversity of perspectives. Our course profile provides a comprehensive overview of our upcoming course modules, delving into various aspects such as the resources and platforms we chose for classroom delivery, the target audience, common concerns, objectives, assessment criteria, and the final outcome.


My colleague Jashandeep and I (Humaira) collaborated on designing our course profile, ensuring that readers could readily grasp our plans for upcoming lesson plans. Next, we decided to focus on actual learning plans, selecting “Communicative English” as our module. We opted for various grammar-related topics, creating our curriculum based on our respective South Asian curriculum (India-Bangladesh). We found the idea of developing a curriculum rooted in our heritage exciting. Although we sought permission from Katia to include videos in our native languages with English captions, we ultimately decided to present them in English. Nevertheless, we remain open to employing our mother tongue to facilitate students’ comprehension if necessary.

The blog that we developed for classroom interaction also explores potential approaches to engage with students and their parents. Despite designing the blog independently (individual google classroom), our emphasis remains on leveraging Google Classroom. Within Google Classroom, we utilize the stream page to share upcoming events. Furthermore, we have included Google Meet links to facilitate video calls with both students and their parents.

For our course modules, we both concurred that Google Classroom would serve as our learning platform, owing to its user-friendliness and accessibility, enabling students to learn effortlessly. Google Classroom can be utilized for blended learning, allowing both in-person and online attendees to access the platform.

During our course, we authored several blog posts. We had the opportunity to evaluate our peers’ initial course modules and subsequently received feedback on our own work. Some classmates expressed keen interest in our curriculum, while others found our classroom teaching methodology less comprehensible. To rectify any misunderstandings, we made a concerted effort to supplement our explanations with supporting resources available in the classroom. We took into account the feedback we received and integrated it into the creation of our second-course modules. We trust that you will derive enjoyment from our walkthrough videos and the ensuing modules.

Course Walkthrough & Joining Information

Course Prototype: Course Profile

Google Classroom join code: mizjdbh

If accessing my Google Classroom is not feasible, you have the option to utilize the provided links for viewing Module 1 and Module 2.


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