Course Module 1: Simple Verb Tense

Hello Everyone! The first-course module of our online course prototype is built on the framework of Me and Jashandeep’s collaboration. We are working together to create it according to our South-Asian context as we are not experienced instructors in Canada. We decided to create the prototype in a way that will make it easier for students to catch up. We are using Google Classroom for this course prototype. I am going to discuss Simple Verb Tense along with the materials which I provided. In order to evaluate their understanding, I have used Socrative tools where they need to attempt 2 quizzes. At the end of the lessons, I am going to discuss the home task which I added in Google Classroom.  This class aims to get a clear portrait of students’ understanding of the lessons through the help of instant feedback on the quiz results.

Kindly, check out the video down below for getting more details about it. If you would like to leave any comments or questions, please do so after watching my video.


One thought on “Course Module 1: Simple Verb Tense

  1. I really like the way and approach you represent your module. But, the approach you recommended really moves in the same direction as what I learned at my school. Here we go through many minute details which I really want to appreciate your efforts. . I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but there’s a lot of people who use it, and it’s not just for the rich. Google classroom is best virtual classroom app through which teachers and students interact just like real classroom and it’s the best app for teachers to get their students performance calculated through its analytical features.

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