ECS 495,  So What? Now What?

So What? Now What?

In ECS 495, I was also able to utilize many resources via podcast and/or YouTube. Sometimes I don’t always thrive in auditory learning however, as I become older, I am finding that I am a more well-rounded learner so I really enjoyed listening to peoples’ experiences and thoughts around the topics.

Colinda Clyne uses the quote, “so what? Now what?” in her Anti-Racist Educator Reads podcast. Our professor allowed us to use this type of reflection after listening to some podcasts. I utilized podcasting to respond using the “What? So What? Now what?” model to fulfill this portion of the course. This model focuses on breaking up reflection into meaningful connections. I have dabbled in using this previously and I love it! I grew up with a more traditional way of learning and so I didn’t have the opportunity to do something quite like this. I used the app Anchor to do this but I also really enjoy its user-friendly platform. Anchor would be a great app for getting students started on their podcasting journey.

As I am a lifelong learner, it is key that I continually build my plethora of knowledge whenever possible. To have an opportunity to continue to learn, especially when suggested specific resources, is a blessing! The resources I was able to listen to have helped build my views and strategies for my future classrooms and I am so thrilled to implement them. The main idea that comes to me when I think of the answer to “so what, now what” is that of a quote from Vivian Gauvin, my professor for ECS 495, “Now that I know better, I will be better.” This could not be more true, I am very reflective and I like to take in feedback and new knowledge to better myself for my students and my personal and professional growth.

Please enjoy listening to my reflection on the podcasts I was suggested and visit the links in the description to listen to them for yourself!

Hi there, I am a new mom and am a 2nd-year teacher. I pushed through 2020 by hitting the most milestones during a pandemic - we bought a house, got married, and had a baby! I left my last teaching job, in Alberta, just prior to the pandemic and thankfully moved home to Regina, SK before the provinces were shut down. Now that it is 2021 and I have a new baby, I am making use of this down time and being stuck at home - I started my path towards a certificate in extended studies in Secondary Mathematics.

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