ECS 495

Foundations & Pre-Calc 10 Unit Plan

In ECS 495, I was able to practice my unit planning skills. This was great because it has been quite some time due to my maternity leave. I am always open to feedback because I am constantly trying to mould and shape my delivery. I am currently trying to transition to a Universal Design for Learning approach. If you have any information or feedback, please let me know in the comments below.

The unit plan itself is from the Saskatchewan curriculum and textbook. This unit would typically be 7 lessons but likely 14 classes. I have only shared three of those seven lessons.

I hope that you gain something from this unit plan. If not, I hope that your feedback allows me to gain some more knowledge! Below the PDF section, you will find out more about Universal Design for Learning.

Download my unit and lessons here:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Hi there, I am a full-time high school mathematics teacher in Saskatchewan. I am also a single mom to my daughter, Ardann. I am currently taking my Masters of Adult Education and Human Resources through the University of Regina. My long-term goal is to teach at the University of Regina, in a Mathematics course. I keep busy playing volleyball in a competitive women's league twice a week, coaching the senior girls' volleyball team in my school, and doing activities with my daughter. I have a love for art as well, which is practiced by drawing intricate chalk art outside for my daughter or her favourite characters on my iPad.

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