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The Formation of the Personal Learning Network

Note: This blog is long and autobiographical. I highlight the key points to give you convenience if you are in a rush. Before sharing how I contributed to the learning of others, I’d like to explain what a personal learning … Continue reading

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Summary of Personal Learning

I summarize my learning by making an interactive video on H5P. Here is the link to my artifact: https://yiquandongrx.h5p.com/content/1291812974680995148 In the summary, I autobiographically discuss my learning when I play the roles of a student and a teacher. The bookmarks … Continue reading

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My first experience in coding through Hour of Code

This week’s lesson lasted for only 49 minutes, which was great. We played games by using block coding and text coding. Oh, I might make a mistake here. I should say we learned block coding and text coding by playing … Continue reading

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Should educators have a double life online?

My answer to the topic is simple. Educators can have a different persona online and off school; however, that persona must be positive. This week we spent time exploring digital identity, online shaming, and cybersleuthing. Ahh, online shaming and cybersleuthing … Continue reading

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How to tie digital literacy in the secondary ELA curriculum?

“The ideal critical thinker is habitually inquisitive, well-informed, trustful of reason, open-minded, flexible, fair-minded in evaluation, honest in facing personal biases, prudent in making judgements, willing to reconsider, clear about issues, orderly in complex matters, diligent in seeking information, reasonable … Continue reading

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Enhance students’ awareness of digital citizenship through integrating it into the curriculum

Dr. Mike Ribble first defines digital citizenship as a concept that helps teachers understand what students should know to use technology appropriately. In other words, digital citizenship exists for school teaching and learning at that time. He then revises the definition: … Continue reading

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My so far stories with the online world and recommendations for parents

I was born in 2000, which was a year when personal computers were rare. The common communication devices were beepers and shared computers. Arcades played loud music to attract pedestrians, while video stores rented DVDs and cassettes for profit. People … Continue reading

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My experience of using Twitter so far

I decided to use the Q & A form to share my experiences with Twitter. And I highlight the keypoints in colors, hope colors help you navigate this long post more easily. Q: Have you used Twitter? A: Yes. Q: … Continue reading

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Primary colors, Powtoon, and the useless Fotobabble

I spent a day and a half completing this learning project. I am not happy when I am writing this post. There are two reasons: Fotobabble is a useless website. Powtoon is not friendly to free users. Fotobabble Let me … Continue reading

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Who I am?

Hello!? My name is Yiquan Dong. I am in my fourth year in the secondary education program at the University of Regina. My major is English and my minor is Creative Tech Music. At first, I chose Instrumental music as … Continue reading

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