Assessment Practices

When it comes to assessment I focus on using the triangulation method of gathering evidence of learning. I believe in implementing both formative and summative assessment opportunities throughout my teaching practice. Some of the specific assessment strategies that I use in the classroom include:

Questioning (Conversation): Questioning is a strategy that I use often in order to see what the students have already learned in previous lessons. It is an effective and useful way to assess during the development of my lesson, exactly what the students may need more explanations for or what they may have already learned or had prior knowledge of.

Note-Taking (Observation): In order to figure out what certain students are grasping or the areas in which they need extra support, when I am not teaching or while I am working individually with students, I take notes about where and when they struggled with concepts or subjects, and use that information to inform the direction of my future instruction and support I offer.

Product: I also utilize a variety of different students created products as a mode of assessment. From more traditional written or question and answer assessments, to oral presentations and assignments, art work, I employ a variety of assessments in the form of products to help inform my assessment practices.