Descriptive Writing: I used this website to help develop and guide myself when creating my descriptive writing lesson. It helped me to think of the ways in which I might get students thinking about and brainstorming descriptive language for the characters they wanted to create.

STEP Problem Solving Method: I utilized this problem solving method to teach a lesson on conflict resolution. It was especially useful because it uses an acronym which can be easier for some students to remember and also because it lays out the way to find a solution in detail that is still easy to understand.

Treaty Education Learning Resource: For a revised lesson I used this resource to help me come up with some ways to connect the Treaty Education Learnings (TELs) into my original social studies lesson. This resource details and outlines all of the TELs and provides possible activities and connection pieces to other subject areas.

Friendly Letter Writing Templates: I used this teachers pay teachers free resource as an inspiration and guideline for teaching and creating my own letter writing template for a lesson.