For my first ECS field experience, I have been placed at the Regina Huda School.  To be honest, until the start of the semester when I received my placement I had never heard of this school in the City of Regina and didn’t even know it existed.  With that said, this school will be my part-time home for the next couple months and while my time there will be brief I feel it will give me a great opportunity as I am only scratching the surface of my journey to becoming a teacher.


The Regina Huda School is alternate in the sense that it provides its students the opportunity to continue the focus on the Saskatchewan Curriculum as a core while also including Islamic studies with the intentions to preserve the Islamic Identity.  This school is very unique to Saskatchewan in the sense that while it still focuses on the Saskatchewan Curriculum as I mentioned earlier it also allows the students continued learning about their culture.


I feel this has to provide a positive impact on how students view school in Canada and shows the true multiculturalism Canada is all about and now just a cultural melting pot.  We all know learning doesn’t stop when a child leaves the classroom, it extended into the family home and becomes discussion points at the dinner table or on the road trips.  Allowing Islamic Studies to remain a core piece to these childrens education must have positive impacts in their daily lives as they keep and learn more about their culture.


The Regina Huda School has a great website available at…


I am extremely excited to begin my placement at the Regina Huda School as I am sure I will walk away from my experience with knowledge I had never even thought about as I continue to add resources into my Educational toolbox.