My first day in the school was extremely enjoyable and really felt like the true beginning of my journey towards becoming a teacher.  I was placed in grade 6 classroom at the Regina Huda School here in Regina.  It is an independent school that follows the RBE curriculum while also focusing on Islamic culture.  For example, the day started with an announcement over the intercom in which all the students were to stand up and repeat the prayer after it was said, there is also an Arabic Studies class that the learners had today (this class was not taught by our cooperating teacher so we went an observed a grade 7 Math class) and they also have 30-60 minutes devoted to prayer every afternoon.


While the learning environment was very clean and beautiful as the building in only a couple years old it is very conservative due to the culture they have implemented, it is very different from how my Elementary School memories.  Both classrooms I was in today (and other classrooms I was able to see into) did not have anything as far as decorations or colours on the walls to brighten up the room, however, while they do take proper etiquette very seriously the learners were still exactly how I had imagined and hoped they would be.  Full of energy, smiles and excitement.


I was able to help participate in recess supervision which provided me an opportunity to watch the children all play at their own leisure.  The boys typically placed games of Soccer while the girls ran around in groups.  I was shown a map of the school yard which I found very interesting as it showed designated areas for each grade and sexes to have to use during recess.  From what I was told and also from what I observed, I did not get the intention that this was followed and was more of a guideline.  I intend to watch for this more as I am able to notice different learners from different grades.


My favourite part of day 1 was how involved I was able to be, while only a few months into my teaching journey, it was exhilarating to walk around the classroom and interact with all the learners.  While they were a bit timid off the start, near the end of the morning I was having students approach me by asking “Mr. Alexander” followed by a question.  I look forward to building more relationships with the staff of the Regina Huda School and even more so, the learners.