I believe that my role as a teacher is to encourage students to become lifelong learners who are creative, confident, and to develop the skills required to engage in critical thinking.  My classroom will provide a place of belonging with a foundation established through relationship building, collaboration, and hearing student voices and input.  This environment will promote hands-on and inquiry learning completed in a fun space full of smiles and positive attitudes. 

In order to keep students and myself engaged and excited I will also be a lifelong learner who implements reflective practice strategies into my own practice as I continue to grow and develop as teacher alongside my students.  Our learning journey will be one filled with fun and laughter, while also demanding hard work and participation to truly be successful.

Creating a safe environment in my classroom is essential as I strive towards building a learning culture that is inclusive to all students.  Teaching is a privilege and with that comes the responsibility to never stop learning and always looking for ways to improve at being a more positive role model with a positive infectious attitude.  All students have a right to learn and it is my hope that my students will learn as much from me as I know I will learn from them.


Listening with curiosity

Every students voice deserves to be heard, I will be an active listener

I will continue to grow

Through critical reflections I will prioritize professional development


I will earn my students respect and they will earn mine

All students will feel safe

Build strong relationships with my students and their families

Learning will be fun

I will deliver interactive and hands-on learning opportunities to my students