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A New ASL Tool

From phone applications to YouTube channels to AI, I have found many free online tools to help my journey in learning American Sign Language. These tools can be used by teenagers and adults alike. For this blog post, I wanted to find a tool that is suitable for all ages, and that includes children in their elementary ages. After researching, I have found a website called Elemental ASL Concepts. 

I will say that this website is also very similar to the other resources in terms of having a functional dictionary. However, their dictionary is not as vast as the smartphone applications that I have used to learn ASL.  

Let me walk you through the website! 

The Home Page

  • The home page is self-explanatory as it contains the purpose of the website.


The Dictionary Page

  • I mentioned earlier that the dictionary in this website is not as vast as others I have seen. I only mean that it does not contain ALL available sign versions of the words in the English Language. 
  • It has six categories: Math, Reading/Writing, Science, Social Studies, The Direction Says… (For example, words that are seen in the instructions of an exam), and Bus Vocabulary (Finger Spelling and other Categories). 
  • As a future high school math teacher, I really enjoyed the Math category. I learned how to say math terms, such as Fraction, Formula, Cubed, Divide, and more! 


The Songs and Sayings Page

  • Before I talk about this page, let me say that this website is very USA-centric. With that said, there are only four videos that can be downloaded in this page: A person “singing” the US National Anthem is sign, a person signing the Pledge of Allegiance, a person teaching how to sign the Pledge of Allegiance, and The Seven Habits. Feel free to enter this website and download these videos for you to watch! 

Overall, I think this is a really good website to use to learn ASL. I can say that it is a little bit better to use compared to the AI ASL tool I discussed in my last post. I recommend going through the words they have available, especially if you are going to teach math, English, science, and social studies. It will definitely be helpful.

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