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Contributions to the Community and the Learning of Others

Building a sense of community with my peers is one of the main points of our Networked Professional Learning assignment. Throughout the semester, my classmates and I started that foundation using two different ways, and that is in the form of blogging and a discord community. We were required to do at one or two blog posts per week for this assignment, along with a blog per week for our Learning Project. Below are images of my contributions to the course community and the learning of others. 


The instructor created a discord group for students to use. We used discord to interact with other students. We were to use the platform to ask any questions that we might have about blogging and our assignments. In return, we may also answer other students’ questions. I did not get to answer many of my classmates’ questions since when I log into the app, someone had already answered them. Also, I did not ask many questions since I feel like I was already doing pretty well in the class and understanding what we were asked to do. Below are images of my interactions in our Discord community. 


In addition to the discord community, we were also tasked to write blogs. We had two different kinds of blogs. The first one was the Networked Professional Learning blogs, where we were required to post two blogs per week. The other one was for the Learning Project, where we talk about a new online tech tool that we may use to learn more about our topic, which in my case, was American Sign Language (ASL). Below are the comments I made on the blogs of my peers. 

 Below are images of the comments my peers have written on my blogs. 

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