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I moved to Saskatchewan from the Philippines eight years ago in January of 2016. I remember being extremely nervous starting grade seven in a new school, but I made new friends who made me feel a sense of belonging in that unfamiliar environment. I graduated high school in June of 2021 and started attending university in September 2021. It took me some time to what path to actually take for my future career, so the career path that I wanted prior to starting university is very different to the path I am in now.

Becoming a high school teacher was not the first choice that I wanted for my future. Since I started grade seven here in Canada, my career goal was to become a film or television series director. Both my mom and my uncle worked in the same industry. The few times that I got to see the behind the scenes, I knew that was something I wanted to pursue. I also loved the idea of bringing stories on paper to life, so in my head, having a career in the film and television industry was the best path I could take.

In high school, I was in a Communications Media class, where we learn skills that will be helpful in the TV and Film industry, such as photo editing and producing videos as professional as I could make them. Out of all the classes I had, this one was my favourite, which motivated me more to become a director.  However, this all changed in my third year in university.

Initially, I applied at the University of Regina in the Creative Technologies program, which would allow me to enhance my skills and also learn new ones for when I become a director. However, I realized that everything that I was learning could easily be found online, so why waste and invest time in something that could be learned from the internet. So, After two years being in the program, I decided that it was time for a change. Fortunately, my high school self was aware on how indecisive I was, so I made sure to have a back-up program in case I changed my mind about Creative Technologies. So now, I am in my third year being in university, but only in my first year studying to become a high school teacher.