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How Many Math? 99Math!

Math really is not for everyone. That is why, as a future high school teacher, I am always looking for new ways to teach math, ways that will help student interest and engagement high. For this blog post, we were tasked to choose an online tech tool that we have never used before. After researching,…

By Allard Ashanti Madridejos May 22, 2024 1

Introducing Me! Here We Go!

Hello! My name is Allard Ashanti Madridejos, but I prefer to be called Shan. My pronouns are he/him and they/them. I am from the Philippines and lived there until I was thirteen years old and moved to Canada in January of 2016. My family lives just over an hour southeast of Regina, but now, I live…

By Allard Ashanti Madridejos May 13, 2024 1