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What is it?

In our ECS 101 class (Education for Justice: Knowledge, Schooling & Society), we were tasked to take or choose four different photos, for four different categories, that represent who I am. Those categories are Follow a Path, Find a Sit Spot, Map Your Emotions, and A View from a Different Perspective.



Follow a Path


THIS is a photo I took when I visited the Philippines back in July 2023. My last visit was back in 2018, so I was really excited to be back home. There, everybody was celebrating the town’s fiesta, the feast of St. James the Great, Apostle, and Martyr, which is held July 25th every year. This picture is of my childhood home’s street back in the Philippines, where I grew up. It is the street I walked on when I go to school every day, played street games with my friends, and many more. It is an important place to me.











Find a Sit Spot


THIS is a photo of the living room of my grandmother’s house in the Philippines. Today, it still has the same layout, but with a different sofa set and coffee table. I chose this photo for “Find a Sit Spot” because it is where different kinds of learning happened. This was where I was tutored back in elementary school to improve my studies. It was where I learned many life lessons from my family. Most importantly, being constantly surrounded by many loving and caring people, this was where I learned to always be the best version of myself, to always be kind, genuine, empathetic, compassionate, and loving.





Map Your Emotions


THIS is a photo I took of my little reading corner in my apartment. Reading is an important aspect of my life. It is what I do to just compose myself in times of stress, calm myself down when feeling overwhelmed, or cheer myself up when feeling a bit sad. In general, reading to me will always be one of those things in life that makes me feel better than how I was already feeling before. Reading a new book always feels like going into another adventure into the unknown.









A View from a Different Perspective

THIS is a photo I took of the Rocky Mountains when I was flying back from Victoria, BC to Calgary, AB on my birthday. The sun was just rising, so it was the perfect time to take a photo. I will always be amazed at how vast and wide these mountains are and the beauty they hold.