Classrooms with digital citizenship

Looking at the adaptation of digital citizenship into the curriculum, I wanted to focus more on my specific target audience being high school students. I think that a great subject to integrate these ideas in would be through social studies and more specifically on the topic of worldview. As time moves forward technology and digital citizenship interlock more and more in how we view the world. For todays youth a lot of the time, technology is the biggest part of their lives. As we move forward we need to recognize this and adapt with it.

Some direct connects I found in the SK curriculum are IN9.2 which has to do with factors that shape worldview in society. This can be an easy segway into presenting the importance of digital literacy in our fast evolving society. Easily touching on topics in the nine elements such as digital access and rights/responsibilities. Another connection can be made to the grade 11 social studies unit on human rights. Which can easily be tied in to digital rights as they become ever so important in our society.

I think in my future classroom I aim to keep my perspective current and try to adapt and appeal to evolving technology. It is best to stay updated than to fall behind, it just leads to a longer update down the road.



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