Hello World!

Welcome to my blog everyone! A little introduction to myself would start with me being born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan and having a deep background in technology. On the other hand not much of a background in the field of blogging but ready to tackle whats ahead of me this semester. I used to be in the computer science field and I switched into Education after a year of classes, I’m hoping to transfer some of those skills to the classroom setting where I can be comfortable with the always evolving technology the world presents to us.

My thoughts on blogging currently are that it is an interesting tool to speak ones mind and also a way to share information and resources in an organized fashion. It’s not really something I see myself doing for the rest of my career but who knows maybe I’ll get addicted to it and start my own in the future.

I’m excited for what the rest of the semester has to offer and am open to anything EDTC throws at me so brace with me as the semester gets under way.

Here is a link to my twitter for anyone interested.


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