Education Tools and Live Streaming

The tool I decided to utilize for this weeks post is called OBS. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software and is something I’ve heard of before in the field of video game streaming. Watching a YouTube break down linked at the bottom, shows the uses of OBS beyond just to livestream. It is a really easy recording software to use where you can overlay things such as text, images or webcams on top of a recording. I can see software like this great for prerecorded lectures for example to improve them beyond just a shared screen of lecture notes.

To tie into my learning project I found OBS as a great tool for documenting a game recording as well as to look back at the moves I made to reflect for improvement after the fact. Here I included a recording of a game I played to show off how easy it is to record a game with OBS. During this game I tried opening with the King’s Indian setup which was discussed in the last learning post. Here with OBS I can really analyze what decisions I made post setup and critique my moves as the game progresses.

I would recommend OBS to anyone wanting to record a video with numerous customization options to improve the video while recording rather then in the editing process.

Video Link:


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