The Interesting World of Twitter

To begin my post that surrounds the vastly popular app Twitter I’ll start with my experience with the app thus far. I’ve used twitter personally and non professionally since 2015. I think Twitter is great tool for communication and free thought on any topic that you can think of. It has vast opinions, perspectives and information for anyone to catch on any topic. For the most part I was one to use twitter for topics such as sports or music. It is very easy to surround your feed and effectively your experience with wherever your interests take you.

To speak on Twitter from the perspective of a future teacher I can say that the application is a great resource tool ready to be tapped in on. By simply staying in the wanted field of education your feed will ultimately be filled with valuable resources and opinions/perspectives at your disposal. You can easily find resource to aid your professional development in an organized matter. I really think its in the eyes of the beholder but restricting your following list to the topic you aim to aid your professional development with will do nothing but improve the resources you have at your disposal.

As a wrap up I really see twitter as a great opportunity to further your knowledge but it ultimately is held up on someone’s willingness to adapt and learn.


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