The people in my school are all contributing to the growth and education of each and every student. I have noticed that my school is filled with a wide variety of people, it consists of a secretary, a librarian, at least one teacher per classroom, volunteers, teacher aids, a principal, a custodian, students and sometimes parents. There are a lot of friendly faces working hard to provide a safe, fun, and respectful learning environment for everyone.

I find the school to have a very well-balanced community and school connection, a lot of their field trips, lunches, and guests are based within the surrounding community. I see the students, educators, and parents all working together to create a link between both the school and the community. Each student creating friendships within their classrooms as well as within their community, they continue to participate in projects, activities and sports that all tie together the school and community. Both the educators and the surrounding community work hard to continue a strong involvement with each other. The community continues to offer their services within the school and support class trips that encourage various educational topics. The school continues to bring the community into their classrooms and tie them into each subject being taught, this allows each subject to become more relatable for each student.

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