July 28th, 2020

According to the Levin article, the curriculum is organized around either general/broad goals and specific learning objectives and activities. Based on where the curriculum is being made, who is part of the government, what their beliefs are and how welcoming of change they might be, would decide what the curriculum might look like or evolve to be. Some may continue to change over time and others might be stuck in old ways and belief systems. This article brought up the large gap between producing a curriculum and using a curriculum in a school, there is a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to the curriculum.

I feel that making a document such as the Treaty Education curriculum, one that impacts such a wide variety of people, no matter what is done or who is involved, there will be some individuals that are unhappy with it. Especially when it comes to a document that contains the importance of this one, it feels as though it needs to be perfect, but how can we ensure that every single person in Saskatchewan feels satisfied? I’d say our decisions are heading in the right direction, but are far from perfect and far from pleasing Saskatchewan as a whole. There are so many people involved in creating curriculums, I feel as though that is a good step in allowing many different voices to take part, although, it ultimately comes down to those who have more power and that can leave out a lot of voices.  

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  1. Miss Remlinger

    Hey Brittany!

    First of all, your blog is beautiful. I love the green, the old farmhouse, and the shining sun.

    I love that you mentioned the great difference between simply producing a curriculum and actually bring the curriculum to life in a school. It is one thing to make a curriculum, but, but actually implementing it is a different story. I wonder if teachers had the opportunity to create curriculum, the curriculum would be a better fit for the students and teachers. What do you think?

    You have a good point: how are we supposed to ensure every person in Saskatchewan feels satisfied? Perhaps instead of looking at this as a goal that must be reached, we can keep it in mind as something to strive for. Although it is never attainable, it is something that Saskatchewan can work towards every year. I would have to agree with your last statement. Sometimes, I envision a life where every public school had its own curriculum, and that parents just chose which school to send their children to based on their beliefs. There are definitely many cons to this idea, however, it is a thought that I like to play with. Have you ever imagined schooling done that way? What could the pros and cons be in your opinion? Otherwise, what do you think could be done to create a better curriculum? Have you heard of any schools that focus on art or outdoor education as their prioritized method of teaching?

    Thanks for sharing!


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