Week 3

Short Summary Practice

I have chosen to research general disabilities in schools. I have found an interesting article covering survey-based research on what WHO (World Health Organization) defines as health conditions and disabilities. The article “Chronic physical health conditions and disability among Canadian school-aged children: a national profile” written by Gillian King, Davis J De Wit, Kinda T Miller, Sungjin Hing, David R Offord, John Laporta, and Katherine Meyer, goes into and describes several statistics. These statistics cover the likelihood of students with health conditions and disabilities having secondary learning disabilities or activity limitations.

I found that the article heavily focuses on what precisely WHO determines as a health condition and disability along with the results of the survey and how they are/can be impacted situationally. Some of these included demographics, diagnosed vs. not diagnosed, mental health status, and service utilization such as psychologists, family doctors, and medication. The article explains how all of the following situations will impact the student and their survey results. I can use this article and the research conducted throughout my paper to support other pieces in the sense of statistics. 

Moving forward, I would be interested in looking into pieces that explore the supports in schools for students with health conditions and disabilities. It would be interesting to analyze the statistics in the article regarding students with health conditions and disabilities to the resources available in schools for these students. 

Another area I would consider exploring would be looking into an interview or quotes from a student with a disability. A lot of the time (like in the survey conducted by Gillian King et al.), parents and teachers answer questions about the/their student(s). It would be very beneficial and interesting to hear a different perspective like that of the students. 


  • houde20c@uregina.ca

    I really like that one of the areas you are going to focus on in your research paper are the supports in schools currently for students with health conditions and disabilities. I would be curious to see the contrast between what those supports are like now, to what they were like 20 or so years ago. Perhaps something you may decide to explore in your research paper are some controversial health conditions or disabilities that the World Health Organization didn’t or don’t deem legitimate and how that may have changed in recent years. I also really like that you want to incorporate the perspectives of a student with a disability into your research paper. I agree that it is always beneficial to hear different perspectives, especially when writing a research paper.


  • Jacob Ulmer

    I believe this aspect of education and researching this is very important as well. As a former student I saw kids with different disabilities some more than others and wondered how and who determined what adaptations were made for different students. I think this is a very interesting topic and is something that is not as known as it could be. Statistics would be very interesting to see because it would allow people to know what works best when approaching things like this.

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