• EDTC 300

    Rooting for Procreate

    This week I decided to tackle some simple-looking plants and leaves. I am a plant mom at heart so I was really excited to try drawing these babies! The video I used to help me this week took a watercolour approach to fill in the leaves. The video also included a free watercolour paper background that I was able to download. I have never used anything other than just the default background that Procreate uses, so it was exciting seeing how the brushes hit the paper differently! I started with a video that took me through drawing different leaves, and this was super helpful for when I was drawing without…

  • EDTC 300

    Twitter Isn’t Just For Celebrities?

    Hello everyone! This past week my EDTC 300 class took part in the #saskedchat. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn’t until I was in it! The #saskedchat is hosted on Twitter, and it is for the teacher community to come together to chat! The host tweets out a series of questions, and then everyone participating tweets back and interacts with each other. Cool right?! I think that this is such a neat idea that brings teachers together! It really did feel like a big community while we were tweeting away. Also not a big deal, but my newest fan, @googledrive, really liked what I had to say about…

  • EDTC 300

    Feeling the Pressure…Literally

    OK… this was so fun. I do have to say, though, those fancy looking posters with quotes on them are severely underrated… I really didn’t realize how challenging it can be! The biggest challenge I found was effortlessly keeping my letters all the same size. When you are writing out a letter, you use different pressures at different points of the letter. A general rule for this is when you stroke down, you put more pressure- making the stroke larger, and when you pull up, you release the pressure- making the stroke thinner. I started with a practice sheet to try and get the hang of it, I seriously underestimated…

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    EDTC 300

    The Fascinating Feedly

    Hi everyone! I hope that this post finds you in good health and spirits! Here is a look at my new Feedly page. I am still trying to get the hang of how it all works, but so far, it seems like a handy resource! It is super helpful having one space that organizes all of the new info posted that I am interested in. As I was going through trying to find pages and topics to follow, I had a lot of luck finding general educational platforms and many Inclusive Ed websites. However, I had no luck finding a page specifically for my major, Social Studies- So if you…

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    EDTC 300

    Tech Newbie to Tech Savvy

    Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a great week! I hope that my title wasn’t misleading #clickbate? If you are looking for enlightenment on all things technology I am sorry, this is not the post for you. BUT check back in a couple of months and hopefully I will have more too offer! In all honesty, I have very little experience with educational technology- but to my ego’s saving grace, in my grandparent’s opinion, I am a genius no big deal.  If you ask any of my friends they would tell you 1) that I am seriously a disorganized organized person… I know it doesn’t make sense but…

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    EDTC 300

    Upgrades! Tossing Away My Pen And Paper

    Graphic Design Okay, people. I know that we have all be pulled into a rabbit hole of watching people drawing things on their iPads. There is something about it that is so satisfying. I have had an iPad for about a year now and have messed around with the app Procreate. In doing so, I have been able to make simple drawings of friends and family but have plateaued at that. After deciding that I wanted to dive further into graphic design for this project I stumbled across a website called SkillShare. This website is jam-packed with tons of information on graphic design- specifically the Procreate app. I am most…