Week 9

What will culturally relevant pedagogy look like, sound like, feel like, in your future classroom?

As a preservice teacher, and I am sure as a practicing teacher, my pedagogy will still be developing and changing. What my pedagogy resembles now compared to when I receive my B. Ed, to when I am a practicing teacher, to my retirement, I hope will have morphed several times. That being said, something important to me, and I wish to keep constant in my pedagogy, is culture and the inclusivity that accompanies it. In my classroom, this will look something like learning from each other. Thinking back on my days in elementary and high school, the times we got to do group work and/or self-driven studies is the knowledge I still hold today. Though this knowledge figuratively gave me a grade to pass my classes, it also gave me life lessons that could not have been taught through a textbook or lecture. I hope to pass this experience onto my students. I plan to do this by listening to each other’s stories, and as a class, we will look into a variety of multimedia that explain, acknowledge and honour the diversity in my classroom. In the turn of this inclusivity, my hope is that students will feel a level of respect and care for each other and carry that on outside of the classroom. Conversation will be the most prominent form of learning in my classroom, whether that be between the students and me or between students and their peers. This teaching approach will create a space in the classroom where all voices and walks of life can be heard.


  • epp209

    Hey Caelyn, great post this week.
    I agree the interactive experiences I had in highschool were much more meaningful than the individually lead projects. What kind of conversations most aligned with your pedagogy to create that inclusive space? Because I agree conversation and continual learning is a necessisty to inclusion and pedegogy.
    Have a great week!

  • Chloe

    What are some ways that you can bring culture into your classroom? What type of activities and assignments would best suit your future classroom? I do believe that group projects/work are beneficial to the students learning and growth. Conversation is as well very important within a classroom and I like that you want to make sure that you incorporate it into the class.

  • Alaina Majewski

    I quite like your point about how learning is a conversation between yourself and the students or between the students themselves. I wonder if that specific thread along with your plan of imparting life lessons (that could not have been taught through a textbook or lecture) could contribute to developing a sense of place for your students as well by way of listening to each other’s stories? Finally, you brought up a great point that as teachers our pedagogy will be constantly developing and changing from now until we retire.

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