• ECS 203

    Week 2

    Curriculum development from a traditionalist perspective is widely used across schools in Canada and other countries. Think about: (a) The ways in which you may have experienced the Tyler rationale in your own schooling; (b) What are the major limitations of the Tyler rationale/what does it make impossible; and (c) What are some potential benefits/what is made possible. Be sure to refer to the assigned article in your post; you may also include information from lecture if you wish. It was not until the lecture that I heard the name Ralph Tyler however, after learning about the Tyler rationale, his idea of the curriculum was very familiar. Throughout the entirety…

  • ECS 203,  Pedagogy

    I Believe

    Gender and sexual diversity needs to be supported Teach through feelings Never stop learning I am here today for a better tomorrow Make mistakes Inclusive education Teaching is a privilege Hands on learning Educate the whole child Teach through the values of the community Respect and care for the land, animals and environment Strong classroom relationships create a better/healthier learning environments Everyone learns at different paces Teaching is more than the curriculum Teaching is more than a career Everyone has the right to an education regardless of age, race, culture, cognitive ability and/or any other factors

  • ECS 203

    Week 1

    How does Kumashiro define ‘commonsense?’ Why is it so important to pay attention to the ‘commonsense’? What commonsense understandings of curriculum and pedagogy do you bring with you into this course? Kumashiro defines common sense as something that everybody should know. Something that is not necessarily taught but has been implemented without challenge, and designed to cater to a specific group of people. Kumashiro goes on to say that common sense is not always easily recognizable because as we are so accustomed to it. A quote that made me stop and think about the “common sense” that I grew up in and have likely passed down is “it has become…

  • ECS 203,  Field Placement

    Year One: Marion McVeedy 5/6 Split Classroom

    Introducing myself as “Ms. Hembroff” for the first time uprooted butterflies in my stomach that I have never felt before. I have never had such complex and compelling feelings as I did on that Tuesday. From excitement and optimism to nerves to the feeling of being uncomfortable, I was feeling it. What were the kids going to think of me? Will they like me? What if I say or do something I shouldn’t have? What if I offend someone when I don’t even realize it? These were all things (and so many more) going through my mind as I walked through the front doors of Marion McVeedy Elementary. Students from…