Week Two Report

Two weeks in the books and things continue to head in the proper direction: down! During my first week I was weighing myself every morning. I decided this was not a smart practice as daily fluctuations could set me up for disappointment. I am now weighing myself on Monday mornings.

The scale read 189.5lbs this morning! Down 3.1lbs for the week and 4.6lbs overall. I have a feeling some of the weight this week was water weight. However, I am happy that I continue to move in the right direction.

Here is my caloric intake summary for the week: Total calories: 13, 589

Total caloric expenditure: 3746 + 13608 (BMR) = 17354

Expenditure – Intake: 3765. With some additional expenditures that haven’t been logged (i.e. walking throughout my day and working out during PE classes), it makes sense that I should have lost about another 1.5lbs. Hence, my thoughts on some water weight contributing to my weight loss this week.

For the most part, I continue to consume less calories than recommended, and burn significantly more than suggested. I continue to listen to my body, and I know when it needs more calories. I am learning to feel what it is like to be hungry again (which is a good thing), but I know there is a difference between being hungry and needing more calories.

I continue to run a lot. I know I have limited time left as I don’t like running once there is snow and ice on the ground. I have found a strength workout program that I like on Youtube. It is a series of videos called Train with Jordan. I recommend it for anyone!

On we go!! I was proud that I got through Thanksgiving with no added weight. Unfortunately, I only ate one piece of pumpkin pie (my favorite). I guess it’s all a part of the lifestyle change.

2 thoughts on “Week Two Report

  1. Great work Chris!
    Those small steps you take during the day ( working out during Phys Ed, walking during supervision) will benefit you so much! You might even find yourself parking farther away and walking to more places when it becomes a lifestyle routine!

    I definitely ate too much at thanksgiving. I was actually thinking of using myfitnesspal to get back on track a bit. Do you eat back the calories you lose with exercise? Sometimes, when I am running 10kms on the weekend, I find myself so much hungrier since I burn about 900 calories in one run, So I’m not sure if I should give myself more calories those days?

    I always struggle with wanting to count calories but also wanting to try intuitive eating since I know I won’t be counting calories my whole life.

    I really like to run as well, but I am already limited to the weekends since it’s too dark to run in the mornings now and I work out in the mornings. My goal is to try different exercises but I really enjoy jogging. It’s tough leaving here sometimes!

  2. Hi Megan, thanks for the feedback!

    I don’t eat back the calories I earn through exercise. This isn’t purposeful – I just don’t ever eat that much! In the two weeks I have been doing this, I think there has only been one day that I met or exceeded my recommended daily caloric intake. On days where my caloric expenditure is high, I relax my portion control knowing that my body can use the extra calories. It is actually quite amazing how quickly your body adapts to a new routine. I hardly feel the urge anymore to eat more than I need to.

    Counting calories won’t be practical forever. It does take some time and effort. Once I reach my goal and enter a maintenance phase, I will continue to count until things are stabilized. After that I plan to go to the intuitive idea, knowing that I will have a good idea of the proper serving size and approximate amount of calories I am consuming.

    I think we jinxed ourselves talking about running. This weather is not exactly what I was looking for!

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