Week Three Report

It’s Monday evening, so that means there was a weigh in earlier this morning. Contrary to others on weight loss journeys, I look forward to these moments. Maybe that is because the scale has shown me numbers that I want to see so far. This morning it showed me 187.6lbs!! Down 1.9lbs for the week and 6.5lbs overall. The myfitnesspal app tells me that is 71% of my goal (however, I think that goal is going to change).

Here is this week’s summary:

As you can see, my caloric intake was 14, 846. My expenditure numbers are way up because I synched my Garmin watch to the myfitnesspal app. It now calculates calories burned through my daily movements such as steps. This turned out to be significant considering I log anywhere from 13,000-20,000 a day. My total caloric expenditure for the week was 20, 235.

I am really enjoying my variety of workouts. I have been running four days a week, taking advantage of this beautiful fall weather. This has allowed me to log at least 30km of running a week. This is a huge calorie burner for me. Unfortunately, I know those kms will decrease as the weather worsens. I will have to pick up some biking workouts for cardio. This week I did a HIIT workout on my bike. It was different and a nice change. I also tried a few different workout from Jordan Yeoh Fitness on Youtube. I strongly recommend trying his videos. They are varied in ability, effort, time, and parts of body targeted.

As mentioned above, I think I am going to change my target weight. Being down 6.5lbs, I haven’t seen the physical changes in my body that I would like to see. This is not to say that I am not happy with my progress. I just realize that I will have to lose more than I expected to see the visible results that I want to see. My new goal is going to be to get below 180lbs, while also lowering my body fat percentage.

Stay tuned for my analysis of the myfitnesspal app so far, in the coming days.

4 thoughts on “Week Three Report

  1. This is awesome progress Chris! Don’t forget that sometimes you don’t see all the benefits of your work for a bit because you are building muscle and reducing fat. Don’t be discouraged! These things take time!!

  2. Hey Chris, your posts have been really encouraging to read! I often think of undergoing a similar journey, but haven’t committed to it, and your progress is making me reconsider why I haven’t!

    What model is your Garmin Watch? I’ve looked at getting one before I bought my Fossil smartwatch a few years ago. I love to see how well it synced to myfitnesspal. Good luck with the journey going forward!

    1. Hey Colton,
      I use the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music. I bought it for both its GPS purposes and its ability to store and play music. I run a lot and hate having to run with a phone or something strapped to my upper arm. This watch provides everything I need in one piece of equipment. It was fairly costly and the music drains the battery faster than normal, but I have really enjoyed it for the few years I have had it.

  3. You are crushing it, Chris! I applaud your commitment to your health and fitness journey. I am trying to undergo the same sort of thing right now and my commitment and self-discipline are starting to wane – got any tips to get back on track?? Keep on rocking it!

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