Project Update – Cut the Strings!!

Over the past two weeks, I have cut the strings on using the myfitnesspal app to count my calories. While counting calories using this app has been very effective on my weight loss journey, I know that I can’t rely on the tool forever. I decided to try a couple weeks without counting calories to see if I continued to lose weight, and hence learn if I have formed healthier habits of portion control and caloric balance.

Not surprisingly, my weight loss slowed down, but I did continue to head in the right direction. Over the past two weeks, I lost 2.9lbs. This is a little bit less than the 2lbs per week I was losing while counting calories.

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I am definitely taking a lot of positives away from the last two weeks. I think I have made some great lifestyle changes that I should be able to sustain over the long term. My portion control is much better, which I think will make the biggest difference. Once I lose the last few pounds to reach my new goal, I will have to navigate the world of maintaining the weight I would like to remain at. I am sure there will be some ups and downs (pun intended), but I am confident I will be able to keep things fairly steady through my new nutritional habits and existing physical activity habits.

5 thoughts on “Project Update – Cut the Strings!!

  1. Great work! I’ve decided to do the opposite of you and try some calorie counting this week so know if I am eating what my body needs. Then I can go back to intuition and healthy eating. It’s been helping me stay on track, but it’s hard for me to remember to add everything into my app! Maintaining can be tricky, I’ve always had trouble with this. But you will feel much healthier now and that will motivate you to keep it up!

  2. Chris,
    I have enjoyed following along on your journey and glad to hear you have made some positive lifestyle changes that you are looking to maintain in the coming years. I appreciated your discussion of cutting the strings and trying this journey without the assistance of the app. This is similar to teaching our students how to write an essay or formal paper with the support of a graphic organizer or a tool organize their thoughts. Sometimes students or adults will require the assistance, but eventually we hope that they will no longer require the strategy or tool to help support or reach that end goal.

  3. Great idea to see if you can do it alone! Isn’t this the true test of a weight loss program, when you have all the tools and knowledge and make them work? It is so difficult for many to do this because somehow life and pressures and tasty food take over. It’s the shear stubbornness and willpower that is needed to maintain a diet too, and you clearly have that mindset to make it work! Way to go Chris!

  4. Don’t do it! I am just kidding. Your Fitness Pal isn’t much of a pal if he is demanding you count every calorie.LOL Sound like you have achieved some pretty great goals. Great job Chris.

  5. Sometimes you need to cut something out to keep your goal going, right? If it becomes too demanding then it may start to interfere with your progress. I have enjoyed learning from your project, and I hope you are able to feel good and healthy as we move into the holiday season! Congrats on reaching your goal! 🙂

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