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EC&I 831 has taken me on a valuable learning journey. It was a journey that took me outside of my comfort zone into a world that I am uncomfortable with and hesitant to fully enter. With an open mind, I entered and had my thinking challenged and expanded. I have emerged with many questions, but also with a renewed mindset for how to adapt my teaching practices to include social media, open education, and technology.

Thank you to those who have come along and taken this journey with me. There are so many great educators doing so many great things in their classrooms. Your knowledge, creativity, dedication, and support of other professionals is important as we continue to shape the future of education.

Please enjoy my Summary of Learning.

5 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Your summary of learning is really well done. You also have a great narrating voice! You may even be able to use your voice to make some money. Check out: It’s a pretty cool thing. Anyways, I get how you feel about social media. I too feel reserved when it comes to social media and what I post. I do see the benefits of using social media and getting students to engage in learning. Again your final project is very well done!

  2. Great final summary, Chris! Well done. I agree with Kelly above when thinking about social media! I was very very hesitant when starting with social media in the classroom, however found it was worthwhile and students really enjoyed being able to use their favourite apps for educational purposes. Great post! Great learning with you this term!

  3. Well done, Chris!

    I loved the quote that you shared, “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” This quote does an excellent job of highlighting the importance of balance and taking time away from our very connected world. I have some hesitancies as well when it comes to incorporating social media into my teaching practice, but kids really do gravitate toward this type of learning. Surprisingly, they do a pretty good job of being responsible when they are given the proper tools and instruction. You may find Alec and Katia’s guide useful for any future endeavors dealing with media literacy and digital citizenship:

    Your video covered many of the important topics explored in class and you did a great job summarizing your takeaways! Your pictures also correlated really nicely with your script. It has been a pleasure learning alongside you this semester!

  4. Your summary hits the points Chris, and I agree with it all. As a fellow old-schooler, I completely understand where you are coming from. Once your little guy gets older you will NEED to delve into so much more just to keep up. That’s what I had to do. There’s nothing like sending your kid a snap to make them cringe and look at you like you are a giant space alien. Going through the teenage years with my own boys opened my eyes to what is out there and what I need to know to keep up with the world. This has helped inform my teaching practices too! Good job!

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