Common Sense to the Rescue- A Parent’s Ultimate Guide to TikTok

Common Sense is once again proving how valuable of a tool it can offer to both educators and this time parents. Common Sense has put together a comprehensive guide to navigating and understanding the app. There review includes but not limited to a description of TikTok, how safe it is, recommended ages and appropriateness for children, how to make videos private, delete videos, parental controls (this was relieving to see), TikTok security, and other topics.

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One thought on “Common Sense to the Rescue- A Parent’s Ultimate Guide to TikTok

  1. I often use common sense to evaluate movie ratings for my students. My students are 12 years old so often times PG-13 movies are not suitable for them. However, depending on why they are rated PG-13 can determine whether or not I might consider showing them the film. For example, we read the book The Boy in The Striped Pajamas and then watched the movie afterwards. The movie is rated PG-13, not due to sexuality or language, but for the violence that we already know exists during world war two and the holocaust. It does a good job of giving a real authentic review of movie rating if you don’t have time to watch them yourself.

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