I Didn’t Come Here to Party, I Didn’t Come Here to Stay… I Only Came For the Cake

I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes and make them “nice”, I have played around with different ideas but never really took the time to really learn what I was doing; I just “winged” it, watched bake offs on tv, or looked up on google ideas. I started wanting to learn how to make cakes when my daughter was born for her birthdays. Below is one cake I have made in the past but never took the time to make an effort to learn what I was doing. Don’t be deceived I truly do not know what I am doing…

So here are my ideas for my major learning project:

  1. I need to discover what kind of cake is the best to bake for decorating
  2. Research and then purchase supplies and decorating tools needed
  3. Research types of icing that is best for decorating and how to add flavours to icing (buttercream, royal icing, gaunche, etc) and then learn how to make them so they are the right consistency for what I need to do
  4. Practice piping techniques before applying to cakes
  5. Learn to add piping techniques onto a cake
  6. Research other decorating additions (fruit, sprinkles, fondant, etc.)

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Come Here to Party, I Didn’t Come Here to Stay… I Only Came For the Cake

  1. Hi Christine! Nice to see you in another EC&I 83_ course! I seem to remember someone in 832 decorating cakes or cookies on TikTok? This wasn’t you, was it? I tried to look back in the 832 List on Twitter, but I can’t seem to remember who it was, or I’d recommend their videos for some inspo on your learning project journey! I LOVE baking and cooking shows – but don’t enjoy doing it personally (haha).

  2. Hi Kara, it is great seeing you as well! How fun to put decorating cookies/cakes on TikTok, it definitely wasn’t me but a very cool idea. In 832 I was learning how to use TikTok, just the basics though (haha) just a mom trying to keep up with her teenage daughter! I may see if I can track their videos down to watch their progress.

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