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  1. James Jones

    Excellent work here, Chris! Like the discussion of teachers re-evaluating the place of social media. Leaders need to prioritize these types of conversations in schools to help meet the needs of our students.

    • Christopher Weber

      Thanks James – I think it is super important. It is amazing how many kids have opened up and want to talk when they find out I am interested in these things.

  2. Kelly Ziegler

    OMGGGGG Yes! I seriously loved your little clip about social media and teachers, and also how you tied in multiple little videos into your overall video. This summary is great, and would really help the next people coming up have a good understanding of what we talked about in a short amount of time. Keep up the great work! Hopefully, we’ll have another class together soon!

    • Christopher Weber

      You are too kind:) Thanks for this awesome review Kelly.

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