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My Teaching Philosophy & Observations

Throughout the course of my teaching career, I have only worked as a learning support teacher.  Therefore, it would seem natural that my first statement in a post about teaching theories and classroom practice would be to say that “a teacher’s philosophies and theories of knowledge must encompass a wide array of practices from the… Read More »

Educational Technology: My Impressions & Understandings

Being only two weeks into EC&I 833, I have come to the realization that any definition I attempt to give to the term educational technology will be ever-changing as this course progresses through the semester.  However, in the initial stages of this class, I would propose educational technology to be the learning, adaptations and assessment that… Read More »


Hello! My name is Kelsey Clauson.  I am a Masters of Education student at the University of Regina and a substitute teacher for Regina Public Schools.  For the duration of my teaching career, my passion has been working with students in North Central Regina who experience learning and behavioural challenges.  My time spent working with… Read More »