Monthly Archives: January 2019

Workshop Profile – Online Counselling for Adolescent Parents

This online workshop is comprised of 9 sessions where a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous conferencing is used to counsel adolescent parents.  The workshop leader and participants will use Google Classroom to access materials used for this counselling workshop as well as Zoom.Us for weekly, face-to-face meeting times that are a requirement for the… Read More »

Tech Integration & Blended Learning

Chapter 9: Modes of Delivery by Tony Bates proved to be informative when learning more about technology-based learning.  As Bates outlines, modes of delivery can include fully online, blended, or face-to-face.  I feel it most important to highlight Bates’ idea that when choosing how to deliver course content, an instructor must first consider student needs.  Bates encourages… Read More »

Hello EC&I 834!

Hi!  My name is Kelsey Clauson and I am currently taking EC&I 834 for my 10th and final class towards my Masters of Educational Psychology.  My teaching experience consists of working as a learning resource teacher for 5 years in Regina’s North Central community.  However, my family life of raising two small children has led… Read More »