Monthly Archives: March 2019

Final Overview of Course Prototype

The beginning of EC&I 834 challenged me to create an online course. I was required to select a target student population, course format and toolset, content and objectives, assessment strategies and in general, an overall design of a course prototype. Based on these assignment requirements, I created the following course profile: Course Profile – Online Counselling for Adolescent Parents Throughout the… Read More »

Student/Student-Instructor Interactions

W Although in the very early stages of my course prototype development, I have tried to be mindful of the student/student-instructor interactions that would aid well to my online counselling modules. Given the fact that counselling is a practice that requires effective person-to-person engagement, it is important that I explore a variety of interaction options.… Read More »

Reflection of Feedback

I am very appreciative of the time and effort that my classmates took to evaluate my course module. The feedback that I received from them was very encouraging and allowed for self-reflection. After reading through the feedback that they provided me, I was relieved that my classmates understood the ideas and goals behind my course… Read More »

Online Therapy & Opportunity

Throughout the duration of this semester, I have focused a lot of my learning and attention to the idea of online therapy. Specifically, I have considered how my interest in supporting adolescent parents and my newfound knowledge of blended/online learning could go hand-in-hand to provide counselling to new parents. When assigned to create a course… Read More »