Summary Of Learning Project

– Minimal Drawing Experience
– Stick men
– Animals that looked
– Shading
Types of Drawing
– Drawing to scale
– Directed Drawing
– Perspective Drawing
– Technique of Shading
Online Drawing Resources
– Circle Line Art School
– Art for Kids Hub
– The Art Academy
– Schaefer Art
– Rinku Art
Documentation Software

Week 1 -Picking a topic

There are a lot of really great things that can be learned. The reason that I chose to focus on drawing because I wanted something that I would be able to use as an Elementary School Teacher.

Week 2 – Drawing Objects

This week I did multiple warm up activities and some drawing that I followed along to a video.

Learn To Draw #01 – Sketching Basics + Materials

 Basic practice to improve your drawing skill

Week 3 – Sketching things around the house

I did some of the same warm up activities as last week and then followed along to the video on the objects that I wasn’t as happy about. I also sketched things that I saw around the house and classroom. I also started to add shading to add detail to the drawing.

 Basic practice to improve your drawing skill

Week 4 – One Perspective Drawing

This week was the first time that I tried doing a one-perspective drawing and it was interesting but had aspects that did not look right. It was also the first time that I documented the process of my drawing. Animoto was very easy to use and I enjoyed being able to share the journey,

Circle Line Art School


Week 5 – Directed Drawing

Through substitute teaching, I was introduced to Art for Kids Hub it has a vast variety of different drawings and can be used to connect to many Arts Ed and ELA curriculum connections. It was great how it was broken into little pieces and each piece was similar to simple lines or objects.

Art for Kids Hub 

How to Draw A Panda

How to Draw An Owl

Week 6 – Directed Drawing

This week I wanted to do something that was connected to St. Patrick day so with my students we did two St. Patty’s Day directed drawings. I really like that it gives the students and even the teacher confidence to draw a picture that they usually would not be able to do. I like that the videos have a child doing the art also and that the host is very supportive as it goes along.

St. Patty’s Day Kitten

Week 7- One Perspective Drawing

This week I tried to give one-perspective drawing another shot. I definitely needed the lines added to make sure that everything is coming off the right line. I found it difficult to add details like a fence and shrub by the house and some of my horizontal and vertical lines that did not need to be part of the vanishing point. It was better than my first perspective drawing and each one I believe got better. Also I used iMovie to document my learning and it was very smooth to use.

Railway and House 1-Point Perspective


Week 8- One Perspective Drawing

Overall this week I did a main street of a city and used Canva to document my learning . I liked using Canva to document my learning and it was very easy to use other than I struggled to be able to add it to blog. So, I had to use a link instead.

City Drawing 1-Point Perspective


Week 9 – One Perspective

This was probably my favorite drawing of the the semester and I liked that it included all the aspects that I had learned throughout the semester such as perspective drawing, directed drawing, shading and sketching. There was a lot of details to this drawing. The software that I used to document my learning was InVideo and I really struggled to use it. Eventually it came out and was fine but it took more attempts then I’d like to admit.

Train Track & Tunnel



Here are some of the drawings that I did throughout the semester. I enjoyed that this class challenged me to do something that I would not have done on my own. I really liked using the internet to learn how to do this and it was easy to go back and fix parts that went off of target. I could just search up anything I was having trouble with.

Big Takeaways

  1. Technology allows a person to learn a lot of skills individually
  2. Break things into smaller pieces
  3. Start with the smallest part or top and work from there
  4. There are many different apps/software that you can use to document your learning.

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  1. Thank you for the great post and hard work you’ve spent on the learning project. Practice and consistency is key to improving your skills especially in drawing. Each week shows the amazing progress you’ve made through out the course. From spheres to full on city landscapes! Great job!

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