Week 7: One Point Perspective Attempt #2


This week I went back to learning how to draw in One-Point Perspective using a YouTube video. I definitely think that taking risks and doing things that you find challenging is important. I still feel like I need to practice more with this type of drawing but I feel like I improved since my Kitchen drawing in Week 4.


The only materials needed was multiple pieces of white paper because I had to restart a few times. I also needed was a pencil with an eraser, pencil sharpener, and a ruler.

Thoughts about the Video and Creator

The video I found was by Circle Line Art School and as I did more digging on the page I was able to find out that they have been posting videos for over seven years and some of there videos have millions of views. I am appreciative of the fact that it was broken down step by step and it was great to also watch as an example as he explained it. They also have a paid class that people can sign up for that costs $67 US. I think that if I wanted to continue to work on my drawing skills it would be beneficial to spend the money on the course. It looks like it is online modules and can be done at your own pace. I would of liked for there to be more information on the techniques they used to add the details and shading to the piece. From an informational aspect the video was very helpful teaching me how to draw a a beautiful scene near the railroad tracks. I also will not complain because it was a free lesson.

Application used for Documentation

I documented my learning using and the steps that it took to draw this using iMovie because I tried a few apps off of the AppStore but they kept glitching well they were creating the time-lapse. When I was doing the drawing, I tried my best to take pictures after every step but sometimes I forgot. After I finished the drawing I was able to select all the the pictures that I took and put them into a trailer that showcased how the drawing came to a finished product. One thing that would make it better is if I could place a camera above me and video tape while I draw but I do not have the technology to do that. Overall, I was happy with the way that iMovie was able to showcase my learning throughout the week. Also it was nice that it took a minimal amount of time to produce a final product. I like that you can pick a theme and then all you have to do is add photos and change the captions.

My Final Product


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  1. Hi Cody,
    This is a great second attempt at one point perspective drawings, much better than I believe I could do! Its always amazing to see the number of free and paid for resources that are available to us today online. You can learn almost any skill from the comfort of your own home! I am excited to see what you create as you continue to progress in your learning project!

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