Technology has led to a more equitable society

Technology has led to a more equitable society

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When I was thinking this topic, I thought deeply about both sides of the argument. Tracy, Nicole, and Stephen on the agree side and Christina, Amaya, and Matthew on the disagree side argued so beautifully. I decided to focus on the adverb “more” in this topic. There is no gainsaying, we can argue both sides and make convincing points but the word “more” in this topic makes all the difference. Has technology led to an equitable society? Absolutely no. Has technology led to a MORE equitable society? It is a resounding yes for me.

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Without going far, looking inward I know the opportunities that access to technology has afforded me. It has presented a level playing ground of some sort. It has made information and opportunities more accessible. I watched the ted talk posted by the agree side (link below) and listened to Kymberly talk so beautifully about John and her son, Charles. Their challenges could have put a halt to their expression in life but with the aid of technology, they are able to surpass their limitations.

From a personal perspective;

  • Technology has created avenues to bridge equality divide. I presently live in a foreign land with no family members around and a mother who wants to fulfill her dreams and have a rounded life. With technology, I am able to be with my family and still further my education without distance creating a barrier.
  • Technology has connected the world. I have the privilege to feel close to my parents and siblings 6,613 miles away.
  • Exploring the internet for answers on virtually everything to have clarity, and a better understanding of things even with multiple opinions. These has made learning from an unfamiliar culture, different learning style, easier for me. Decision to make - hard or easy

These personal experiences are not to undermine other people’s experiences but are we saying we are better off without technology? Technology has led to more job opportunities, enhanced productivity, knowledge, and information sharing. It has helped to level the playing field for more people. Of course, there is the argument about certain people having access than others but that does not change the fact that there has always been inequality and likely to always be.

There are opportunities to learn things that were once unreachable online. I am in awe of the knowledge one can get from one’s comfort zone just via the internet, the freedom to learn practically anywhere without the confines of classroom walls. Woman using laptop with open arm in nature background

Good examples are coursera, alison, LinkedIn learning, Khan Academy and the likes. More people are able to do personalised learning tailored to their specific need as a result of technology.

Technology has given room for inclusion. For example, people with varying abilities are able to do much more than nature afforded them. Mothers are also able to have a career life without as much limitations and be available at the home front due to this innovation. Young beautiful mother freelancer with two children working on a laptop. Freelance, work at home

Technology has brought about a shift. Navigating the Covid 19 pandemic would have been much more challenging than we are experiencing without technological innovations. Many more people would have lost their job, children wouldn’t have been able to continue studying making it harder for their guidians to work and provide.Father with kids working from home during quarantine. Stay at home, work from home concept during coronavirus pandemic

Also worthy of note is that, technology has opened avenues for more people to make informed decisions. For instance, there are more people into stock trading now, a known avenue for wealth creation. Optimization in international affairs has been made easier also. Automation, Business and industrial process workflow optimisation, software development concept on virtual screen.

Technology has brought leverage, led to a fairer society, a more informed and connected society.

Dami’s View

6 thoughts on “Technology has led to a more equitable society

  1. Hey Dami!
    I liked how simply and beautifully you have described how technology has made learning easier and accessible. I myself am an international student and I can understand how we can stay connected with our families even though we’re far away from them. All thanks to technological advancement.

  2. Hi Dami,

    Thank you for sharing your thought and insight. Similar to you, I contact my family back in China using technology (WeChat). It helps me feel so much closer with my family. We have a group chat, and all family members share their daily special in the group. It feels like I am in China too. It is definitely technology that has brought us closer.


  3. Hi Dami,
    Great post. I could relate with Echo and sushmeet on how technology has helped us stay connected with family. Technology is just inevitable, it has actually changed our world and lives.
    Technology can survive without human but human cannot survive without technology. Very thoughtful post

  4. Hi Dami,
    Great Article. This will truly inspire many people to take a step forward. I agree that technology has bridged the gap in the society but we can not ignore another side of the story where students do not have proper resources, internet and they can not access online material.

    Although we teachers try our best to share the tabs in the classroom and try that not child left behind.

  5. Thanks for sharing your perspectives, I really appreciate them because they are much different than my own experiences and I like being able to see a different side of things. As you said, technology has done a good job of beginning to bridge some of the gaps in society, but we also cannot deny that it has also created gaps as well. I think teachers for the most part have really tried to bridge some of the gaps, but more professional development and learning is key to continuing this work.

  6. hey Dami,
    Great post, Technology has created bridge. we can easily do talk with our family members and friends. I am from India With the help of various apps, I am able connect with my family and never feel alone. I think that technology make our life happy and it also reduce distance between people and countries.

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