Finding Calm: A Meditation for Education Students by Dani

After much reflection, and contemplation, my learning project took a bit of a turn this week.

After scouring the web for kids yoga videos and ideas, I realized that while there is tons of amazing and useful content out there…something is missing!

This was my big insight…that both Education students and Educators need more support in feeling comfortable and confident to experiment with, and to implement, kids yoga and mindfulness practices into the classroom.

I had a few different ideas for video content: The first would be a video just for Education Students to help find their inner calm. I believe that we need to establish our own inner sense of calm, before we can share this with others. This is a practice that we can grow into and that will shift and change over time.

The next video will focus on establishing and using our inner calm as we seek to support children and other students within the classroom.

This was my first time ever making a Yoga Meditation video. It was a really exciting and interesting process! I am really looking forward to making more videos, and refining my editing skills. For now, this is the best I’ve got!

I hope there is something for you – that you may find helpful along your own path – in this video.

Just dipping my toes in first… iMovie. A soft start as I deal with breathing issues from work on my Yoga Wall.


-Checked to see if I have iMovie on my Mac. For some reason, I do not, so I downloaded it!

-I went into the program, and played around on my own for a bit to try to get a feel for the program.

-I got stuck and realized I need some support – so I went to YouTube and searched for Tutorial Videos. Here are a few that I found helpful:

Watching tutorials, I realized how important it is to make sure you have good, clear content to work with. This could include videos, photos, and audio/music.

So far, I have not been able to generate that much content. With my busy work and school schedule, it has been challenging for me to create the space and time with my kids to practice yoga together. An additional challenge for me, is with the basement yoga studio construction project in my house, the sanding dust triggered a huge asthma/allergy response in me.

It has affected my ability to talk, sing and laugh!

Here is a photo of my basement yoga space.

The wood wall in the back was coated in a varathane finish. It needed to be sanded to get the look I want to achieve. But I had no idea what type of reaction it would trigger in me! After many attempts to clean the dust, including days and nights of a cold Yukon breeze blowing through open windows, multiple air purifiers, paying a professional to clean, and trying different asthma and allergy medications to help me feel better – nothing was working.

Earlier this weekend, I ended up at the hospital – requesting more extensive treatment. A few days of steroid medication later, and I am hoping to be back on the mend soon – to have my yoga, meditation and singing voice ready to use in my classes again, and to be able to laugh, talk and connect with the people I love without having to gasp for air.