VidCode: Creative Coding – End Plastic Pollution!

I have heard the term – coding – so many times. Mostly it seems to be used by kids and younger adults. So what is it?

According to Robo Wonderkind, coding is:

“Code is the language of the 21st century. It’s what tells our computers, apps, websites, software, and products what to do and how to do it. It’s giving a computer a set of instructions and functions, so it does what we want it to do. These instructions are also commonly known as ‘computer programming’, ‘software programming’, or ‘coding’.”


Some of the benefits of coding for kids:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Memory work
  • Development of computational thinking skills

I tried out Hour of Code

I chose a coding activity aimed at the grades 6+ level called “Plastic Pollution PSA”

Here is the finished product!

Every time you hit the button, the garbage moves over to a new location. This is possible because of the code I entered into the setup.

My reflections:

It was harder than I thought! I had to stay focused and remind myself to follow each step. Concentration is necessary for coding! It is also important to be able to follow directions clearly.

Why Every Child Should Learn to Code

Cool off-screen activity, that introduces coding:

Teach Your Kids to Code with a Deck of Cards

Here is a free google course for adults:

Understanding the Basics of Coding