Fake News: Read it, check it, wait

Fake news is real. Fake news can be dangerous. Fake news can be elusive. Fake news is a threat. 

Our class worked together to look at various websites to examine the credibility of the sources. Some questions we asked were:

  • How neutral is this information provider?
  • Is the information provided accurate or biased?
  • Where does the funding for this site come from?
  • Where does income generated from this site go?
  • What could be some of the underlying motivators of this site?
As teachers, we must find age-appropriate ways to educate our students. Increasing our students' digital literacy is a top priority.

The three main takeaways from the video below are:

  • Read it 
  • Check it
  • Wait

Kids benefit from simple and easy to understand steps directions, especially at younger grade levels!

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